Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gnome Man is Island

Holy Wow-Ness this was an exorcize in Futility and Stubborness. My First Full Digital Cover, created for:  
The publisher wanted a classic D&D Module Art feel and well, this was a learning experience to say the least.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Smiley the Ghoul, did this up for the Tsunami Quarterly October Edition.

1st full colored piece in a long while, and completely done in Sketchbook Pro, with my Tablet -Squee-

Sunday, April 7, 2013

And eventual Allies of Zekial:

More art to come for Vespry, Priest Lofayte, and Totem.

Valarii    ,  High Elven, 70 years old, lived in the great cities of the High Elves all of his life, born into the lower class, his family not having much but Valarii was quick with his studies and very agile, so he was recruited into the Iron Guard at an early age and truly grew up in the military, not to long after he was selected from the ranks to be a Black Runner (High Elven Intelligence and Black Ops) had a few run ins with those who felt they were superior to him, even killing a Lieutenant  in a duel, the duel wasn’t to the death, but the Lieutenant played foul, and Valarii did what anyone of his caliber would do to defend himself. So instead of court-martial or death sentence as would be commonplace, he was given over to the Letrevarian 13, to become its 13th member for awhile, the best at what they did the worst of who they were. He served with them for several years, being taught truly what it were to be an assassin and the nationalism and philosophies of his people, this didn’t bother him in the least, and he fell in quite well with them, that is, till one particular situation. Now Valarii was very cold and calculating, but something in him could not give in to killing the children required on one mission. Something snapped in him, and he even tried to defend the children, even though the unit’s policy was leave no survivors to tell any tales, this got him fired upon by his own comrades and a wall collapsed upon him, and he was left for dead.  Soon after one, Totem of the Bear, came along, after having a vision of a Wolf cub, its foot caught in a snare, he retrieved the lad from the wreckage and nursed him back to health for nearly a week, and stayed with him several days after he woke, imparting wisdom upon him, and teaching him the ways of basic survival out in the desert where they were. This Half-Giant and his kindness and ways confused him to no end, and by High Elven ethos he should have long committed Hare-Kari , but his will to survive and live were stronger. Still unclear about himself, and what was “wrong with him”, by High Elven standards, he vanished one night from Totem’s side, and struck out on his new course in life, giving into the ancient frivolous side of his elven nature, seeking out his way in life, and learning of society and culture outside of the High Elven citadels, being always taught within, that all life other than High Elves were barbaric, worth less, and by far useless and disruptive to the balance of life.
Valarii is very fast, agile and dexterous, he prefers to get up close and personal in a fight, using his Elven Quick Blades, loaded on spring-loaded gauntlets within his sleeves, however due to his time with the Black Runners and Letrevarian 9/10, he’s become quite an efficient sniper/long gunner, his rifle made to his specs, survived the wall crashing upon him, and he carries it to this day.
The comic relief, per say, as he learns about society and culture and what it is to be free and live life, stubbornness and a lack of common sense at times constantly gets him and the others in trouble, albeit it’s the kind of trouble to tell around the next campfire.

Vespry “   “, Half Dark Elven, 45 years old, born to a Human rancher and his Dark Elven Wife (well figure names out later), she grew up fairly wealthy, and yearned for nothing, thus she’s fairly spoiled and very beautiful and knows how to use her beauty her mind and her body, for martial arts that is, as she basically conned her father to bring in a specialist to train her, took a lil while to talk him into it, but being married  outside of his race, brings trouble, though he didn’t care what others thought, he still wanted to protect his family, and did so. Her training didn’t take off like an eagle, but she eventually did soar in her arts, she also bargained with some of the hands to teach her how to shoot when Daddy wasn’t looking, and took to a rifle and knives fairly well, mind you she doesn’t use these often outside of scare tactics, as she prefers to use her wiles to get up close and personal with her bounty-head and paralyze him/ knock him out, and take it from there, but all of her training has come in handy at some point in her short career, she had a daughter, this is where the story gets tricky, not sure with whom, a young suitor, not sure his background, but he basically tricked her into loving him, and then ran off, eventually with the child, or not, im not sure, maybe the parents gave her up for adoption to save name. So need help with her back story motivation, anyways so she sought out her daughter, and being off alone a single woman, she had but a few choices, to fund her journey, as her parents wouldn’t do so, or took to long and she was in a hurry and ran away after her, or don’t know, just giving you ideas, to discuss/ rollover, so she became a bounty hunter to fund her way from town to searching for that bastard and her daughter or just her daughter.
Vespry’s main armaments: several knives and small single shot derringers, one sawed off Springfield rifle, her looks her wiles and her fists.
She’s got attitude and lots of it, knows how to wrap a man around her finger then release, willful, but naive, still gaining her wits about the world outside of Daddy’s ranch, but luck has been on her side so far,  gaining back her daughter and knocking that asshole a new one has been her main prerogative for quite some time now, and uses all means to get her closer to achieving that.

Totem Stone-Bear , 120 years old, Irukanii, Half Giant, gifted with the spirit magic, which is very rare for his race, now Shaman of his tribe, grew  up with Zekial in their younger years, also gifted with dream walking and visions, he sees Zekial for who he truly is in his dreams but a big head can be pretty dense, so never really makes the connection, he also sees Valarii as his wolf cub (pet) in his dreams, more on that later). Totem is ever caring and always friendly, sometimes to a fault, he is calm, well spoken, and wise, and very quiet unless something needs to be said, (similar to Silent Bob), but can also be dense to the obvious at times, you know the air of there kind of thickens too much sometimes, but overall is quiet defender who makes cameos throughout the story.
Totem standing in at 12 and half feet tall, doesn’t often need to use weapons, but his strength is obviously highly formidable, he carries his Spirit Staff, invariably a Totem Pole for his use, that hell often use for whopping the bad puppy when Valarii acts up around him, and so forth. He also can call upon the elements, his favorite being lightning, and form them into various shapes and uses (think Avatar).

Priest Kaire Lofayte, some 35 years old, like Vespry’s father he is a thin blood, what is referred to as a human with Elven blood in his lineage, they often times live to be about a 150-200 years old, middle age being in their 70-90s. A man of the cloth who has become to accustomed to God’s wonderful miracles, and sometimes, well to him quite often, lack there of at times, starts going mad after Zekial leaves the monastery after his healing is over. He’s witnessed to much and sanity is a stepping stone from tipping over the edge, so he leaves on a quest to figure himself and God out, taking with him a huge cross, and shotgun, he walks off into the desert, making cameos later on, by then he’s become something of a Vigilante and Hero for the People,.
His Cross being Hallow in the center where he has a sliding backing where he hides his SG inside, the bottom arm of the cross, has been cleared out and wrapped in cloth, so that he can beat evil-doers with the sign of the savior, bringing them salvation with every lump, he also carries a few side arms within his priestly robes for prolonged firefights, also carries a few sticks of dynamite for what he calls a baptism of fire for rare situations.
Quite Mad, but quite Sane, kind of like Ash from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. Gives candy to children, always says a prayer for the departed so forth and so on. He’ll curse em up a storm as he puts them down, but once down he’s wishin em away to Heaven. Also along the way, he begins to reinterpret God’s lessons and commandments…

Valarii, Vespry, Totem Stone-Bear and Priest Kaire Lofayte, these names and distinctive likenesses all are ©2013 Andrew Tyler Shepard

Can't have a hero without villains right folks ? So Here is what was supposed to be the 2 reoccurring villains, Aramus Dusk, and Vikter Revok (the Man in Black) :

Vikter Revok - Vikter Revok - Was once a Paladin Marshall, who kept a vigilant guard over the places he was sworn to protect, but with each passing year, and the deaths of people he had grown close to, the crap he dealt with from internal bureaucracy within the Order of Paladin Marshalls, he started losing it, devolving into a madman, who wanted to see all come crashing down. He now leads a 50+ group of Magii and anti-paladins, who rape pillage and burn the deserts and mining towns of the setting, as he garners power and builds his army to newer grander heights. He lost his left eye to Zekial, after he tried to put Zekial into the ground and stiff him on a large shipment of specialty guns Zeke had crafted for Vikter.

Aramus Dusk – One of Revok's General's, Dusk is a very clever man. He is cruel and takes pleasure in other's suffering. Dusk is a slender Night Elf, thin even by elf standards. He dresses in all black except for a dark red sash tied around his cowboy hat. He sports small round dark spectacles that rest low against his long and crooked nose. Dusk gives off the appearance of a very intelligent man until he enters the heat of battle, then he becomes crazed

Vikter Revok and Aramus Dusk, these names and distinctive likenesses all are ©2013 Andrew Tyler Shepard

This ladies and gentlemen is Zekial De'Criptus from a now defunct graphic novel i was once working on called -For the Price of a Bullet-.

Zekial De’ Criptus, born Zekial Mc Ciaran, also referred to as “   “ - He Who is Cast Under  Coyote’ Shadow (or something like that) by the Iverakanii, Half Elven, 133 years old, born to Michael Mc Ciaran, and Reahlinthia “Ravens-Feather” Mc Ciaran, an independent bounty hunter of some 15 years now. Calm, cool, collected, stubborn, unless the situation calls for leniency, fragile at times, but doesn’t show it, same with his emotions, he lets out a giggle every now and then per say, but he’s we’ll read, quick and intuitive, as quick with his wit as he is with his guns, his half elven speed and training over the years have made him somewhat of a small time legend in some parts, he’s got attitude but still tries to be courteous. He tries not to kill, when he does, he pays his respects to the dead, and gets a new piercing in his long ears, so that when he sees his reflection he remembers what he’s done to be who is today. He wears a cindered cross in his left ear that belonged to Rosaria, he wears the symbol of Raven as a lapel on his hat,  a pendant once owned by his mother, both are somewhat touchy stories with him.
Wields the Redeemer .47 Caster 6 cylinder, and the Vendetta ( a .50 cal slug gun/scattershot) a caster shot gun of sorts, capable of loading any size shell or ammunition within its sliding chamber.
He’s slowly dying of 3 near fatal gunshots, that have been slowly eating away at his body, and coughs up blood when he exerts himself to much or uses the Vendetta, his health grounded by his half elven fortitude; he maintains something of a balance, so he still has quite a few years ahead of him.
Goals are to recapture all of the stolen Caster guns he created for the Man in Black and his gang, to also put the bullet that wears on his right ear, in between the eyes of the MIB (Viktor Revok)

Zekial De'Criptus and For the Price of a Bullet, these names and distinctive likenesses all are ©2013 Andrew Tyler Shepard